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Back Stage Command and Control

Stage hands and event specialists fight command and control structures.

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Stage Hand Swag and Advice

Looking for advice and insights on stage hand equipment and also stage hand advice.

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5 Stage Hand and Freelancer Side Hustles

Developing a side hustle is one of the best things you can do as a stage hand or freelancer to take control of your income and your time.

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Be the Best Stage Hand You Can Be

As a stagehand, you need to be teachable, motivated, have a good attitude, and safe.

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toiletries bag with condiments

Touring with Condiments – Stage Hand Condiment Carriers

Have you ever been on the road, stopped for a bite to eat, ordered some fries, some onion rings, or pretty much anything that is a receptacle for your favorite condiment only to discover that you don’t have Tabasco sauce? Worst day EVER! It’s gotten so ridiculous that I’ve decided to travel with my own […]

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