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Express Bake bread Sunbeam

Homemade Bread for Busy People and Stagehands

I love bread. I love me some lightly toasted bread with smothered melted butter. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3am and I’m coming home from a gig. I will eat this tiny part of heaven day or night for breakfast or for dinner. If you haven’t noticed, fresh bread is infinitely better than store bought […]

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Stage Hands Chat #1

Backstage Chat #1 – Diversify Your Income

Hopefully this will be a series of short snippets of chats that I’ve had backstage with other stage hands and people in the live entertainment industry. These are real topics with real people. Seldom is there much time to chat for more than a few minutes during calls. It happens mostly during breaks or when […]

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Aliens Beneath the Ice

How many of you have ever looked up into the sky and asked are we alone? Well maybe you didn’t do it that way, but we have all asked ourselves whether we think aliens are real or not. The only issue is how do we know if they exist and why have we not met […]

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Fear of Missing Out – FOMO

At the end of the 2017 year towards early December the digital assets known as cryptocurrency blew up. Their value grew from a total of 200 billion in November to over 850 billion by the end of the year. That means in about 2 months you could have turned 100 dollars into 300 which is […]

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Cost of College Vs. Earnings

This is just a quick rant. Back in 1998, I applied for a job at a men’s clothing franchise. I needed to get a job and I simply walked into the store to apply. I was a bit surprised that having a college degree – didn’t matter in what subject – was a requirement for consideration. […]

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Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Must Attend

Attend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. If you’re a technician or a performer, you’re a professional or a student, a lover of the theatre, you NEED to attend the Edinburgh Fringe. Why?   BE A PART OF THE ARTS CHANGES LIVES MOVEMENT My wife and I advocate that arts leads to social change.  Consider that over […]

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7 Steps on How to Network at a Trade Show

Networking is a powerful word.  For some people it brings fear and anxiety and for some it brings excitement and gets the adrenaline going.  Wherever you happen to be in the spectrum, the main purpose of networking is to meet people. Here’s a shot of a typical large trade show floor.  Lots of booths with […]

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Easy Websites

Websites are what the phone book was 20 years ago.  If you’re not on the web, you’re definitely not capitalizing on free (or at least dirt cheap) marketing. Whether you’re a freelancer, a solopreneur, or even a large company, you should have an online presence.  10 years ago, you had to be a programmer to […]

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