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College Admission Scandal and How it Effects Us Backstage

You can’t bribe your way into stagecraft, nor do you even need a college degree in the first place to make a decent – if not – a lucrative living.

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The Secret Behind Studying

Whether you are a student, lawyer, doctor, business person, or whoever you will have to study at some point in your life. The only issue is that it is very hard to be successful. You can study and study for hours and still not get the A or result you are looking for. You are […]

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Cost of College Vs. Earnings

This is just a quick rant. Back in 1998, I applied for a job at a men’s clothing franchise. I needed to get a job and I simply walked into the store to apply. I was a bit surprised that having a college degree – didn’t matter in what subject – was a requirement for consideration. […]

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