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Back Stage Command and Control

Stage hands and event specialists fight command and control structures.

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Stage Hand Swag and Advice

Looking for advice and insights on stage hand equipment and also stage hand advice.

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Backstage and Onstage Management – Manager or Agent? Where is the ROI?

We’ve been dealing with the differences between a manager and an agent for years. Who get’s paid, how much, and what does this get me?

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5 Stage Hand and Freelancer Side Hustles

Developing a side hustle is one of the best things you can do as a stage hand or freelancer to take control of your income and your time.

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College Admission Scandal and How it Effects Us Backstage

You can’t bribe your way into stagecraft, nor do you even need a college degree in the first place to make a decent – if not – a lucrative living.

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Work Backstage in the Performing Arts

So many folks – ourselves included – don’t (or didn’t) know what’s out there for work in performing arts production. For those of us who don’t have full-time regular J-O-B-S in the industry, we’re relegated to freelancing and picking up work wherever. You’re in luck! There are a TON of opportunities and resources out there […]

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USITT Presents Business of the Business Webinar

USITT’s Business of the Business Webinar series is geared to assist freelance theatre technicians as they embark on the world of business management.

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Be the Best Stage Hand You Can Be

As a stagehand, you need to be teachable, motivated, have a good attitude, and safe.

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remember when you were a dick on the in shirt

Have a Good Show – 3 Tips for Avoiding Bad Attitudes Backstage

We all work together to get a show or event up and running. There’s always a time crunch; someone forgot the cables that connect the video wall; there’s no light plot; you didn’t get enough coffee, etc. Waa-waa. The show WILL happen. Here are some tips to help keep the day pleasant.

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Illustration by Cara Turett ( Photo by Justine Camacho on Unsplash )

Intimacy in the Theater and Live Entertainment Industry

As stage hands and live entertainment professionals, we owe it to ourselves and our friends to get educated on how to communicate effectively with people offstage just as much as we pride ourselves in communicating onstage.

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