Author: Jeremiah Brophy

Back Stage Command and Control

Stage hands and event specialists fight command and control structures.

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Stage Hand Swag and Advice

Looking for advice and insights on stage hand equipment and also stage hand advice.

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Backstage and Onstage Management – Manager or Agent? Where is the ROI?

We’ve been dealing with the differences between a manager and an agent for years. Who get’s paid, how much, and what does this get me?

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5 Stage Hand and Freelancer Side Hustles

Developing a side hustle is one of the best things you can do as a stage hand or freelancer to take control of your income and your time.

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Express Bake bread Sunbeam

Homemade Bread for Busy People and Stagehands

I love bread. I love me some lightly toasted bread with smothered melted butter. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3am and I’m coming home from a gig. I will eat this tiny part of heaven day or night for breakfast or for dinner. If you haven’t noticed, fresh bread is infinitely better than store bought […]

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College Admission Scandal and How it Effects Us Backstage

You can’t bribe your way into stagecraft, nor do you even need a college degree in the first place to make a decent – if not – a lucrative living.

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Work Backstage in the Performing Arts

So many folks – ourselves included – don’t (or didn’t) know what’s out there for work in performing arts production. For those of us who don’t have full-time regular J-O-B-S in the industry, we’re relegated to freelancing and picking up work wherever. You’re in luck! There are a TON of opportunities and resources out there […]

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Work in Community Theater can Reap Big Rewards

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out in the industry, community theater can provide you with access to learn a new skill or improve on an existing one.

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Kentucky Student with Omaha elder

Going Viral Should NOT Be More Important Than Being Moral

After seeing this headline and watching the video, I felt a need to take to the streets and choose a side. It’s this side or that side. I’m either a MAGA guy or I’m a supporter of indigenous people.

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Playa Del Carmen for Beginners

5 Myths dispelled about travelling to Playa del Carmen

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