Aliens Beneath the Ice


How many of you have ever looked up into the sky and asked are we alone? Well maybe you didn’t do it that way, but we have all asked ourselves whether we think aliens are real or not. The only issue is how do we know if they exist and why have we not met them yet? Now I can go on and on about lots of different theories and if you would like to discuss more then comment down below, but today’s theory comes from Alan Stern a Planetary scientist from Boulder, Colorado.

First of all I want to point out that our scientist have found what seemed to be about 1,200 different planets out there in space out of the predicted billions that exist. It is very hard to say with any accuracy other than seeing a moving dot in front of a star. Out of those 1,200 about 12 of them are predicted to be the same exact conditions as the Earth with the same distance away from their star and so on. So that is a very small percentage of planets that have life similar to us humans, if not the exact same. So if they were the same as us then they too have not found a way to travel throughout space, but might have found our planet and added it to their list of theories as well.

Stern thinks that it is very likely that there is a civilization that has perfected space travel however the odds of them coming to our planet out of the billions that exist are slim to none. But let’s assume that no civilization has perfected space travel what could be hindering their ability to do so? Well Stern says that there is a good chance that intelligent life is trapped under miles of ice.

You can have vast oceans underneath the ice because the oceans are warmed by the planets own heat. For example one of Jupiters moons is completely ice, yet scientist have proven that under that ice is water and ocean. So let’s assume that the civilizations are trapped under the ice and are as intelligent as humans well then they would need some reason to drill through the ice. Most planets or moons like the one on Jupiter have ice that goes as deep as 10 miles and with current technology the deepest we have every drilled was 7.5 miles. But let’s just say they do finally drill through the top several things would happen. One it would be so cold that more than likely everybody on the surface would freeze to death. But two since they have never seen space or other stars and planets it would be centuries before they build the technology to get close to space traveling.

This is one very likely theory for why we have not met aliens and their are many many theories out there but at least this way you can fully understand the scope and magnitude of how likely it is for actual aliens to come to our planet.

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