The Secret Behind Studying


Whether you are a student, lawyer, doctor, business person, or whoever you will have to study at some point in your life. The only issue is that it is very hard to be successful. You can study and study for hours and still not get the A or result you are looking for. You are constantly told that spending hours of studying will make you more successful however they never actually teach you how to study.

In a recent study done by Patricia Chen a postdoctoral researcher from Stanford she learned that the best way to get the results you want is to “think about your thinking.” She had 2 control groups one was told a reminder to study, while the other was given a quiz asking what resources they can use, what questions they expected, and so on.

It turns out that if you make a plan and prepare your thinking for what the types of questions you will see, those students tended to meet their results. You will use the resources that you said would help the most and study the hard questions you said you would struggle with.

For students this is a great way to get that B to an A, and for startup companies its a great way to understand how you want to be successful. Planning out your resources and goals just like studying will get you farther to the results you want.

Now obviously this is not guaranteed to get you an A or to create a successful company but your probability and likely hood of getting those results increase over not creating a plan.

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