Jeremiah Brophy with Camera
That’s Me!

My name is Jeremiah Brophy.  I’m a husband and entrepreneur.  I’ve been a stage technician, farmer, graphic artist, printer, sales manager, entrepreneur, social media marketer, downhill ski racer, frisbee golfer, and have even slung mortgages to pay the bills.  All to say that I’ve done a lot of different things in my life which gives me unique outlooks on a lot of different industries.

I created this site because I’m passionate about helping others by sharing my own experiences.  I’m always growing and learning and – hopefully – sharing some of my experiences will help others be better humans in the world.

Check out my Deep (and not so Deep) Thoughts page and use the keyword tool on the right.

Feel free to contact me with thoughts on random topics and share this site with anyone you think could benefit from real-world knowledge and experience.